Are you launching a new community, or renovating an existing one?

Hiring an interior design firm is an extremely important aspect of any architectural project and the decision should not be taken lightly. The design team is ultimately responsible for the look and feel of the project so it’s important to have an understanding of what you want, what you need, and what your budget is prior to setting up a meeting. Make sure to view the design team’s portfolio, examples of past projects, and specialties prior to making a decision.

Once you are ready to move forward and you’ve committed to a firm that you feel can accomplish your community’s goals, it’s time to start collaborating on the new project.

Here are 10 questions to ask your new interior design firm.

  1. What are other communities doing that we currently are not?

Get a better understanding of their experience, what they know about the competition and their recommendations for improving and upgrading the community.

  1. What do seniors want in a housing community today?

Find out what the interior design firm knows about current market trends and how they can implement those strategies into your senior living environment.

  1. How do you incorporate sustainability into the design?

For many communities, sustainability is an ever growing topic because there are long term benefits of designing with sustainability in mind. At Warner Design Associates, our team has embraced green design and we are proud to have LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) team members ready to respond.

  1. How can we make the space open and friendly for the larger community?

It’s important to consider not only how to design a facility with the residents in mind but how to better accommodate their guests, visitors, and the local community.

  1. What type of flooring do you recommend throughout the facility?

Flooring is one of the most frequently asked questions in the design process because there are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Does the space need to accommodate wheelchairs? What hardwood or tile is the safest to prevent slipping? Should carpet be a preferred option?

  1. What are your recommendations regarding fixed or flexible spaces?

The senior living market is constantly growing and changing which is why it’s often recommended to develop a flexible, multi-use space meant for a variety of activities. Find out what your new design team suggests.

  1. How comfortable and confident are you with our budget and expectations?

Your senior living design firm is responsible for every aspect of the design process including managing the budget. At Warner Design Associates, we have a thorough understanding of the costs of interior finishes and furnishings, for both new construction and renovation projects. We provide you with detailed, highly accurate contract documents and specs and build fiscal responsibility into every aspect of our interior design process.

  1. What are the biggest challenges you see for the project and what are your recommendations for overcoming them?

It’s important to have open communication about any potential challenges, setbacks, and plans to move forward.

  1. What considerations should we be taking to ensure long-term operations and building maintenance?

Having a forward-thinking design team that has an interest in the long-term success and operation of the community is imperative.

  1. What additional services should we be incorporating into the design that can make our residents feel more at home?

Residents should always remain top of mind. That’s why we follow the changing demographic trends and market segments to ensure that no matter where we’re designing, residents can feel comfortable in their new space.

Whether you’re considering a renovation or designing a new senior living community, our team is happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the design process. Feel free to contact us and check out our portfolio here.