Take a moment to think about the places you’d like to live in the future. Would you like them to feel familiar and comfortable, or foreign and unusual? Vibrant and full of life, or dull and lifeless? Most likely, you chose the first options. When it comes to senior living design, creating a familiar and vibrant place becomes even more important.

We believe in creating senior living designs that make the transition to independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities easier by creating comfortable, attractive, and vibrant places that give seniors a sense of familiarity.

“Seniors today are looking for a place that has some similar options as what they are used to at home, since it makes what could be a difficult situation more accessible and comfortable,” says Cynthia Warner, Warner Design Associates Co-Founder and Lead Designer. “But additionally, today’s seniors are looking for something a bit luxurious and vibrant – somewhere they can truly enjoy in their golden years.” How do you create a senior living community that is both familiar and vibrant? We’ve included some senior living interior design tips below.

LED Lighting
Using LED lighting saves energy as well as creates a healthier sleep pattern and reduces anxiety. It also can help with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, reduce behaviors like nocturnal wandering, and provides more wakefulness during the day, shown by researchers at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic.

Muted Colors and Accent Pieces

Muted colors and accent pieces give the community a more modern look, and the accent pieces are a great subtle touch of personality in the design. Whether it’s a pillow with a bit of color, or a fun lamp, it adds a simple touch of decor, as well as makes residents feel at home. Plus, it makes it easier for a re-design and keeps furniture and decor up-to-date!

Versatile Outdoor Areas
Outdoor areas are great when they are versatile; for example, a garden that can also be used for an outdoor yoga or painting area is beneficial in giving residents rich and diverse options for activities. Adding in fire pits, like Warner Designs Associates created for Summit at Sunland Springs, is a trend that we are happy is becoming more common. “Outdoor fire pits have a special way of sparking fond childhood memories – such as camp or beach bonfires, storytelling, and delicious s’mores. Not to mention, it adds a romantic and hospitality feel, all which assists in building a sense of familiarity and vibrancy at the same time,” says Warner.

Common Spaces
Think of your favorite hotels and resorts. Do they have a welcoming, relaxing and comfortable common area such as a lobby, bar, game room, or other space? Likely so! Open and common areas encourage people to relax, enjoy a change of scenery, meet others, and spend time with families and friends.  Consider emulating the comfortable and attractive appeal executed by resorts, and it will assist your residents in feeling comfortable welcoming family and friends.

We hope this helps you understand the first steps when designing a familiar and vibrant senior living community. If you have any questions on interior design for senior living, don’t hesitate to reach out!