It’s the time of year where we look back on what we have accomplished in the past year, and what we look forward to in the year ahead. At Warner Design Associates, 2016 gave our team the pleasure of helping our clients implement the best in senior living, impacting the happiness, safety and daily lives of hundreds of seniors in the U.S. and Canada. It also gave us the opportunity to travel across state and country borders, meet with new furniture and textile manufacturers, attend and present at conferences, and much more. We’d like to share with you our interior design team’s greatest memories, accomplishments, and fun facts from 2016.

Greatest Memories

  • Mark & Caitlyn installing the furniture package in Yorkton, Canada when it was -28 degrees! Meanwhile, Cynthia and Rachel were overseeing an installation in Hawaii in a warm 80 degrees.
  • Office Pranks! While Cynthia was out of the office, the team turned her monitor upside down. We got a good laugh from the ensuing confusion of “what was wrong with her screen”. And during a time when both Mark & Cynthia were out of town, the team send a photo of their dog (and Warner Design Associates’ mascot), Lexi, with a newly orange tail and paws!
  • Learning how to two-step with our clients at The White Horse in Austin, TX during the Environments for the Aging Conference.

Greatest Accomplishments

  • We proudly acquired 7 new, major clients.
  • Annie earned her NCIDQ certification and Rachel became a Florida State Registered Interior Designer.
  • Together we reached our sales goal for the year.

Fun Facts

  • 36 major senior living interior design projects completed
  • 4 grand openings attended
  • 3,600 seniors impacted
  • 16 U.S. states and 2 Canadian Provinces traveled (California, Kansas, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii, Virginia, Georgia, Utah, Illinois; Yorkton, Regina and Toronto, Canada.)
  • 150,000 miles flown
  • 13 Warner Design Associate office outings (Skeet Shooting, Cocktail Cruise, and visiting Lake Tahoe to name a few!)
  • 5 conferences attended
  • 3 manufacturer and vendor meetings
  • 11 blog posts written
  • 1440 cups of coffee and 30 lbs of Red Vines licorice consumed
  • Unknown glasses of wine consumed
  • 600 miles walked for installs and building tours (about the distance from San Francisco to Portland, Oregon!)

The past year has been a wonderful year at Warner Design Associates and we are grateful for our wonderful team, clients, vendors and partners. We look forward to continuing on with many new memories, accomplishments and glasses of wine in 2017 – cheers!