Did you catch WDA at the National Investment Center (NIC) Conference? Rachel, Annie, and Mark were at the event in San Diego, February 20-22, to take note of investment and construction trends and meet with more than 1,500 other attendees, including investors, senior housing and care operators, and healthcare providers. This year’s theme, “Investing in Seniors Housing & Healthcare Collaboration” came with a few noteworthy takeaways.

So what was the buzz? Grab some of our “CliffsNotes” below!


Updated Design Schemes

More senior living community owners are continuing to lean toward more transitional and contemporary design schemes. Quick background:  What do these design styles mean? Simply speaking, transitional style blends traditional and contemporary, leading to a classic, sophisticated and timeless design. Contemporary design has more modern elements and typically features softened and rounded designs, as well as neutral elements with pops of bold color. We’re currently employing these approaches for several of our projects, including some in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Tailored and Unique Communities

Owners, operators, and management companies are moving away from a “real estate model”, and instead are focusing on creating communities that are tailored for their geographical areas and create a lifestyle that is rich and unique through design, amenities, and programs. What does this mean? Owners, operators, and management companies are switching their focus from being in the business of real estate to creating a dialogue about providing a desired lifestyle, therefore creating a place that residents will want to live in, and their families will be happy with

New Construction 

Yes, the market for new construction communities continues to be active! However, it is currently at a slightly slower pace.

Reimbursement System

As many wonder how the reimbursement system impacts them, Keynote Speaker Paul Ryan, the 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (2015 – 2019) shared some insights on the reimbursement system and his approach to working with President Trump. (Interesting note: In terms of the President, Paul Ryan has the most success with the President in a conversational private setting, as opposed to a public meeting and ideas are best presented with graphic material such as Gantt charts for the President to understand the entire concept.


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