Over the years, we’ve helped dozens of senior living communities with the interior design process of purchase and procurement. What does that mean? In a nutshell, purchase and procurement for senior living communities includes identifying the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) needed; selecting vendors, ordering the items, and getting them delivered to your community on-time and on budget.

But what really goes into this whole process? Find our most frequently asked questions and answers below!

How Do You Identify The General Furniture That Is Needed?

First, your Warner Design Associates designer will work with you to understand the senior living community’s unique mission, demographics, culture, and design goals along with details regarding the physical shape, size and use case of the space. From there, we develop a Furniture Plan, which is the designer’s vision of programming and how the space will be used. This allows us to understand what general types of furniture, fixtures or equipment are needed in each area.

How Do You Choose the Exact Pieces to Order?

Once we’ve agreed on the Furniture Plan, we find the exact items for each piece of furniture, fixture and organize it into an FF&E spec. This spec will detail everything, such as the fabric type, color, dimensions, and more. At Warner Design Associates, we work with trusted vendors that we have used for years with high regard. This also helps us control costs, as we know exactly what the price of each item will be.

How Does WDA Control Budget Costs for Purchasing and Procurement?

We work with your budget. You will find the exact prices of each item within the FF&E spec as we believe transparency is important. We also pick out freight carriers to control freight costs and logistics. Once all pricing is determined, we present you with a pricing package for final approval and purchase.

How Do All Pieces Get Delivered and Installed at our Senior Living Community?

Once all orders are placed with vendors and freight logistics coordinated, we track everything until it hits the warehouse and is delivered to your community. When it is delivered, your Warner Design Associates designer will be on-site to oversee the offloading of the truck and placement of all furnishings and will inventory all pieces to ensure everything arrived. At this time we’ll also arrange for artwork and window coverings to be installed and put in place. Finally, we create a punch list of items or issues that need to be resolved with a manufacturer or damage that may have occurred, if relevant. We will be with you on the project until it is complete and you are satisfied!

How Does Warner Design Associates Charge for These Efforts?

We work on a cost-plus basis rather than a retail merchandising basis. This means that instead of showing you one final marked-up fee with no insight to the prices, we give you the detailed breakdown of your order so you know the price of each item or freight cost. We then charge based on an agreed upon percentage to cover our overhead and handling. Since we know getting great pricing is important to you, we’re happy to offer this transparency!

Have questions about how Warner Design Associates can help with purchase and procurement for your senior living community? Please contact us!